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I haven't posted in ages...since Adam's birthday (the 2011 one...that says much I think XD) but now I have a reason to post...!
A friend of mine has just recently shot her first home-made music video for her amazing song!
It stars her, jinnypazza82 , a very charming teddy bear and the very special guest star...the pasta pot!
If you have less than 3 minutes to spare, please take a look at it!


The Italian Glamily set up and amazing international birthday video for Adam Lambert's golden birthday!

Here's to the video!Collapse )

Thanks to everyone @ItalylovesAdam , without you this whole experience wouldn't have been half as fun (and I have reason to say it, having been a lonely fan for almost a year and a half!).
A very big "thank you" (or should I say ありがとう?) goes to my Sensei (not Senpai, but yes, she's a Sensei xD) formerlydumb who put all this wonderful material together fighting against codecs, not-so-compressing-compressors and only God knows what else!
Again, thanks to all of you,
First, I wanted to thank everyone in the Italian Glamily (especially those who are part of the "Italy Loves Adam" community: without you this day wouldn't have been half as amazing has.

The first thing coming to my mind about that day was the bus drive...right before getting to the station, on the radio Adam's "Whataya Want From Me" came out...I was so happy...It truly was meant to be Adam's day.
Once I got to Milan I was able to meet some wonderful people...(I won't write names because I'm too scared I'll forget someone!); people who made me feel part of their family even though I was relatively new to their community.
 I don't understand how anyone could ever say anything bad about those people...they are amazing, the helped everyone who asked for them, they gave out papers and glow-sticks even to those who were not part of their team.
I fell in love with them to the point of signing up on Twitter...I love you girls! Don't mind those who talk bad about you just because of envy!
 As the hours progressed I got to meet lots of other people from all over the world...and I got to met Suz! You're amazing, keep it up!
Then, we see a car with black windows getting into the building...and who did we see getting out of it? Neil, at first, and then Adam!
He said "hi" and then got into the concert venue.
 Then came the M&G moment...which  I won without knowing anyone! I barely have 45 messages on that bulletin board and won, people with thrice my messages didn't: don't go saying the winners were already decided.
 The M&G moment was completely surreal...we got down the stairs and arrived in a room...there, at the end of this very room, he was.
At first I could not believe it was him...I thought he was some kind of Japanese Pop Idol projection...but then he moved! It was him!
Three things I noticed: his eyes (Gosh, they0re the most wonderful thing I've ever seen), his height (I reached maybe his shoulder) and then, when he hugged me for the photo, his being soft! Right after the M&G I decided the best adjective to describe him would be "morbidoso", which could be translated "softie", but it's not the same^^
He was really the most nice, sweet, adorable person ever. His voice was so soothing...when it came to me, I still didn't have the booklet out (I should have gone 3rd, but because a girl was too nervous I went 2nd) but he told me: "you want me to sign it?" and I was like..."ok, just wait a sec...this booklet really doesn't wanna come out" and he said to me "just chill a bit"...I really love him.
He kept saying "thank you!" when we were the ones who had to say it! None of us excepted him to come to Italy given he's not very known here!
 I never understood how people could hate him or talk bad about him (I still read hideous things...they really make me sick), but now that I met him I understand even less! He's such a soothing human being (lovely Neil, in that department you're so different from your big brother^^)...he didn't treat us like some kind of money source, but as people...and you could see from his eyes how much he loved us to be there. He really didn't expect to have this many fans here in Italy.
After my group, it was up to those who were lucky to get a group shot too, with a board written for him, which he signed.
 Here, I have to say something else...they got the photo because they went in as the last group. Groups were decided casually, but half of them had to be together because they had gifts they had prepared to give Adam. So, it's not about being egoistical...if they wanted to be egoistical, they would have spent more time with him instead of getting things signed FOR THOSE WHO COULDN'T BE AT THE M&G!
I found insulting that people who had the chance to meet him still protest..., a lot of other people couldn't even get to know him, but they were equally happy!
 Another reason to love Adam...when my group got out, we were sure we had to go back in the queue (we were told so), but then Lane and told us to wait just outside there, because we were to enter like VIPs.
We were sure though, that those who spent 150€ were going to be in front of us, but then Neil comes out and tells the VIPs that Adam explicitly asked for us to be in the first row. I love him so much...!
 Here, again...how can people say Sony decided this? Why Sony would ever decide to give priority to those who did not give extra money to them? Why should Neil have lied?!
Back to lovin' that gummy bear called Adam Lambert. We got in at 7PM, first row, 150cm from the stage.
We fixed the "Thank you" board, and then started waiting.
Then, the concert began, with the opening medley slightly off. Adam and the band had no time to have a proper sound-check, so the the first songs were mostly overpowered by Isaac's drums...but who cares?
He was very chatty, he kept talking all night and kept smiling...I'm happy we made him feel like that. And I'm even happier we were in front of him because he asked us to. He doesn't care if they paid more than us, if they gave him more money, he wanted us, Italian fans, to be in the first row! Get over it!
We sang with him for the whole concert: I don't care what you have to say on YT about us singing...here in Italy singing along means you love the singer to the point of knowing all his songs, to the point of wanting to lose your voice for him! Not singing here means not giving crap about the show! Every country has its rules, here in Italy we are very passionate, and that's one way to show it.
We're famous for being noisy and passionate, aren't we?
Of course, I too cursed those 4 Bimbeminkias (there's no English word to describe that kind of people...they're like girls who are nothing but idiots) shouting during "Soaked", but we couldn't do anything about that...we even gave some papers were it was explicitly written NOT TO SHOUT, but they did anyway...
During "Whataya Want From Me" we got the glow-sticks out, and he was so happy about that!
Another thing he was happy about? A surprise for him organized by the community I'm proudly a member of: papers for Adam during "Aftermath" saying "Italy Loves You" and "You Are NOT Alone"...he even stopped the song to tell us they were nice!
Lovely the moment during "If I Had You" when he interrupted what he thought was a fight between two girls...he started talking using his high register, saying they should hug and stop "fucking each other out while I've been talking about love for the whole show".
When they finally hugged, he had the best facial expression I've ever seen on him!
The Adommy wasn't really on that night, but Adam was more focused on us that on his band...Monte was even more exceptional than usual...(don't ask him how he can even get better)
The encore, 20th Century Boy, was amazing, much self-love from Adam...!!
Unfortunately, because the venue at another gig Adam could not perform "Music Again" nor change his outfit.
We're waiting for you here, Adam!

Perfect day, with perfect people and an amazing singer.
But, what makes Adam Lambert who he is, it's not just his voice or anything, it's his persona.

I'd give anything to have someone like him in my life.
Thanks to all those who shared that day with me,

OMG! I won the M&G with Adam Lambert!

I can't believe it! I won the Meet and Greet with Adam for his concert in Milan!
I was so lucky! I entered without any hope to win...but I did! I'm so excited...!!
...can't wait for November, 24th to arrive...!
"...it gets better. But it's up to you."

...OMG...NPH Botox Version!

The HIMYM authors really want to kill me.
Monday on CBS the sixth episode of this season's HIMYM was aired...with more than one pleasant surprises.
The first one, is NPH Botox-Version (BTW...David  Burtka will be back on he show as Scooter! Can't wait!).
That moment really got to me...almost as much as Matsujun as Tutankamon, Aiba as a ballerina and Sho as a chinese girl.
Here's the pic that will make history:

Click here to see NPH...Collapse )

The second one, is what Barney said to Robin...for a character like his, this may as well be some kind of love confession...
Here's what he said: "Wait, where are you g- that's a compliment! You're the least needy woman I've ever met. That's awesome! I mean, no guy's gonna say 'Who's your daddy?' to Robin Scherbatsky; you're your own daddy. And mommy. And weird survivalist uncle who lives in a cabin with a shotgun blaming stuff on the government. And that is what makes you the most amazing, strong, independent woman I've ever banged." (thanks to magpieinthesky for the transcript).
On another note...Nino's drama is just awesome...and I really love the actor who plays his father...his rendition of Stresemann on "Nodame Cantabile" is really remarkable...
But I like many jdramas this season...of course, Juui Dolittle is as good as I wanted it to be.
I love Oguri Shun playing the Jerk^^ And isn't Hiroki Narimiya just perfect for his role?!
Even Hiroki Tamaki's and Okada Masaki's dramas are really really すごい!!
Even even better...he's releasing an acoustic album!
I really got an obsession for that guy...but hey, he's one of my idols with Jonathan Groff and NPH himself (without botox though)!
Other idols are my 5 ichibans...嵐, but they are idols by definition, so they don't count.
Now I better go...

...the second Nodame Movie is finally out!

The second and last Nodame Cantabile movie is out!
Now I just have to patiently waiting for sub...I so wanna see it!
I just loved the manga ending...and I so loved the drama (which is safely stored on my HD. Thanks to the SARS fansub group for their hard work!) .
Ueno Juri and Tamaki Hiroshi are such a great couple together...great chemistry!
How I miss Nodame's "Chiaki-senpai!"...she's such a genius character.
And, talking about Tamaki...his new drama looks very interesting (and I really like his new hair style!).
Now, waiting for Nino's drama (viewership: 17%. I don't know how you do it, but you sell whatever you do...Ohku is already a hit, and let's not talk about the upcoming GANTZ!) and the one with Inoue Mao, Oguri Shun (HYD anyone?) and Hiroki Narimiya...
I really love Japanese television^^
Last thing...the latest HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER episode was LEGEN- wait for it- (waiting for Barney's memo) DARY!
So much continuity, so much awesomeness, so much cotton-tail! Barney (NPH I really do worship you) protecting his rabbit (NOT A DUCK)...LOVE!
This TV season (USA+JAPAN) is so full of win!
Adam Lambert said it all in his "It Gets Better" campaign video.
I'm so proud of him, so proud of having fell for him back in January 2009, when almost nobody knew him.
And I'm so proud to be going to his concert in Milan in November (even though finding a place to sleep at seems to be impossible).
And I cannot forget to congratulate Neil Patrick Harris and his partner David Burtka for their coming into the world of fatherhood together.
Gideon Scott and Harper Grace Burtka- Harris welcome to this world. You are gonna be two very lucky kids, I'm happy for you and your fathers.
All the people who threw hate at them in the name of God (or who/whatever), should learn what being Christian means.
And, again, Adam Lambert said it all.
Don't mind those people, they don't even deserve to be heard.

Here's what he said, with the video embed under the cut after the transcript:

"It gets better.
It seems hard, you know, I think being different is always gonna be a tough, a tough climb...there's always gonna be people scared of it.
But at the end of the day if you give those bullies and those people that are so ignorant and fearful of your lifestyle, if you give them the power to affect you, you're letting them win. And they don't deserve that.
What you're doing by being who you are, is you're keeping it real and you're being really brave.
I believe in you, I think it's great.
There are ton of us out here in this world that are just like you and believe in you.
Even someone like me, someone that has recently come into some success in his career,
I'm touring the world, I have a CD out, I do music videos, I'm living my dream.
Even I get bullied. You look under any comment section on any article, and there's bullies in there telling me that I'm a faggot, that I'm ugly, that I'm gross — 'Ew, gross, nasty, he's a girly' — all this crap. I'm singled out and it's all 'gay, gay, gay, gay, gay,' even though there is so much more to me than just who I choose to sleep with.
So the thing at the end of the day is, ladies and gentlemen, that you are so much more than your orientation. You know it and I know it.
So don't let those bullies and those ignorant, fearful, small-minded people prove you wrong. You have to be strong, and you have to pay attention to the positive. And in doing so, you will push through and you will rise up and you will live your life to the fullest. It gets better, but it's up to you."
Here's Adam's VideoCollapse )
These days have really been busy...I'm finally a college student (lessons start on October, 4th) and, even better, I bought the tickets for the Adam Lambert concert in Milan on November, 24th.
I'm so happy! I couldn't believe he would have really come here, it's not like he's that famous in Italy (even if he should).
By the way, from today all the US series that were on summer break start again...and tonight "How I Met Your Mother" is on!
...I so wanna see Neil Patrick Harris...and congratulations for the twins Neil and David (BTW, you were amazing in "RENT"!!).
And, even if I'm pretty late, happy 27th birthday Matsujun! May your life be always as bright as it is now.
Congratulations to Nino too (you really are one of my favorite actors ever)...starring with Matsujun and Takeuchi Yuko...nice catch!

To the reason of my PURE and GLOWING HAPPINESSCollapse )
 It's been so long since I last posted here!
And a lot of things happened in the mean time...where should I start?
Probably by seeing that I'M FINALLY OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL!
In October I'll start attending University...instead of going around the country, I decided to attend my local University because I hope to save enough money to go both to the U.S. and to Japan (if I had to pay rent, this would definitely be impossible).
I'm so happy for them...! I just wish all those people who commented on various blogs calling them "psychos", "sickos", "pedophiles" etc. would just learn respect. These are the same people who protests at Adam Lambert's concerts...
If you do not agree with who they are, why do you bother taking them there?'
And instead of feeling sorry for two kids who will have a family (it's not like every pregnancy is actually followed by a family) that will go through high and lows JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FAMILY IN THE WORLD, I feel sorry for your kids growing up in such environment.
Teaching hate and then preaching love...hypocrites...
The thing that started me off with all these social issues is my favorite musical-book of all times: "RENT".
I regret the fact that I probably won't ever get to see it live (my "Live on Broadway" DVD is working at least twice a month though), but just watching it at home is enough to learn how love is important.
ALL KINDS OF LOVE: isn't already there enough hate in this world?
Congrats to Neil for his rendition of "RENT": Nicole and David were amazing. I still have some reservations about Vanessa and Skylar (Mark's my favorite character, I've grown to love him as Adam Kantor or Anthony Rapp...IMHO they're the best in that role), while Aaron's Roger was great (in my top 3 with Adam Pascal and Will Chase).
I'm totally biased: I completely love the opening and the ending Broadway cast^^
And how can I forget to give my congrats to my Ichiban, Arashi?
Their latest album is on top of the world album chart, and the songs are really cool.
Like always, Nino's solo is my favorite...
I'm so looking forward to next season's dramas/U.S. TV series: Nino's drama, Oguri Shun AND Inoue Mao, HIMYM (I want more Barney!), Glee (even if without Jonathan Groff it won't be the same...I keep on repeating his and Neil's songs. BTW, I'm so disappointed that they never recorded a full version of "Piano Man") and Supernatural (hope it won't suck).
And, I so want to watch the second part of the "Nodame Cantabile" movie...!!!!!